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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality personalized travel recommendations and resources to those living in English speaking nations. Our aim is to educate others about the natural beauty and value of traveling in Taiwan. To provide information on the diverse activities available here and give  destination-specific advice that will greatly improve the quality of your travel experience.

From simple backpacking trips to corporate or group tours we would love to help you plan your trip. If you are thinking of studying Chinese abroad to improve your language skills or would like to live here temporarily to work or enjoy the culture we would be happy to help you understand what is involved. We know from our own travels having friends in your travel destination can make all the difference in the world. Good advice and careful planning go a long way in a successful trip.  We want you to do more than just see Taiwan, we want you to experience it and to make sure that your experiences here are full of lifelong memories.

Our love of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people move us to want to share this wonderful travel  destination with others.We will strive for client satisfaction by providing the highest level of service,  delivering detailed oriented travel planning and consultation.