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Eastern Taiwan/Scenic Coast

Scenic East Coast

The East Coast of Taiwan offers some of the most spectacular coastline in Asia, as the crystal blue Pacific Ocean spreads east in endless rolling waves and to the west, the Coastal Mountain Range soars up over the road. The nearly arrow-straight Highway 11 offers perfect views and is flat enough for cycling, or just a pleasant drive through prime aboriginal territory, scattered with idyllic fishing villages, rice paddies, herds of water buffalo and some of the best surf breaks in Taiwan.



Taiwan also known as the Hawaii of Asia is an up and coming surf destination, located strategically north of the Philippines and South West of Japan and is in perfect position to score the back-to-back swells that result from the northern hemisphere winter storms. On the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan experiences a tropical marine climate on the same latitude as Hawaii. The warm waters of Taiwan vary between 22-28 degrees, making this a year round surf spot. You can find majestic mountain ranges meeting the blue ocean waters of Taiwan's Eastern shoreline, staging a stunning backdrop for your surf sessions.  Some of the popular locations include Daxi, Honeymoon Bay, Fulong Beach, South Bay, Shanyuan Resort Beach, and Jiale Shui. Between the swells, outings may include visiting marble gorges of Toroko, lush forests of YuShan National park and soaking in the local hot springs. 


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Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

Taroko National Park in Eastern Taiwan is famous for its rugged landscapes and canyons, particularly the impressive Taroko Gorge, a steep canyon that allows you in a single afternoon to travel from rugged coastal cliffs through a maze of subtropical forested canyons to high elevation subalpine coniferous forests. In about 37 miles the landscape rises from sea level to some of the tallest peaks in Taiwan at over 3400 meters. Fittingly, the name, Taroko, in the local aboriginal Truku language means the "magnificent and splendid", we believe you will agree with their description of this majestic place. The 11 mile long canyon was  carved by the Liwu River and is one of the deepest in the world. Taroko National Park, established in 1986, contains over 92,000 hectares of mountainous landscape.

Besides scenic landscapes, Taroko Gorge area has also abundant ecologic and cultural resources. The  wildlife includes black bears, monkeys and over 144 species of birds, of which over 10% are endemic to Taiwan. Taroko Gorge also hosts an annual marathon on the road through the gorge in November.  Each year Internationally renowned mountain-bikers and top female athletes are invited to compete with domestic and high caliber foreign cyclists in the Taiwan KOM (King of the Mountain) Challenge. Other activities in the National Park also include river canyoning, hiking and camping. 


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Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Since it's beginning in 2011, The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival has been gaining international popularity. With professional ballooners coming from all over the world to participate. Not only can you see the balloons floating on the horizon everyday, you can also experience tethered or a hot air balloon ride for yourself, along with live music, cultural events, and more.

The spectacular Fiesta offers all visitors a mesmerizing East Rift Valley Scenic view. East Rift Valley is surrounded by high mountains, hills, terraces, and plains, providing an ideal location for hot air balloons. Luye Gaotai is also famed for its tea and the plantation is just right down the hill from the event. In addition, this area is a  popular spot for paragliding and camping. Taitung, the beautiful city in East Taiwan, is well-known for its natural beauty, distinctive landscape, and rich aboriginal culture.


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