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In 1542, Portuguese sailors on their way to Japan came across an island not identified on their maps. Amazed at the forest-cloaked land, they shouted, "Ilha Formosa," meaning "Beautiful Island." We couldn't agree with them more, Taiwan is quickly rising to a top rated tourist destination. Although for Europeans and Americans alike, Taiwan is still a very much under the radar travel stop. Rich in cultural heritage, amazing food, world-class hot springs and stunning scenery Taiwan is a destination that really should be explored. We would love to help you do that! 

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Taiwan is a tropical mountainous island rich in natural beauty. High mountains cover most of the island. Yü Shan or Jade mountain is higher than Japan’s Mount Fuji or New Zealand’s Mount Cook. It's main peak reaching 3,952 m(12,966 ft.) Taiwan embodies 9 established national parks and 13 national scenic areas, allowing visitors to enjoy Taiwan's best natural, ecological and cultural sites. 

Ease of travel and close proximity makes hiking in the high mountains in the morning and surfing or diving in the afternoon a real possibility. Whisk away to an evening soak in the mineral rich hot springs and you have the perfect day of travel. Although if time allows we would encourage a much slower pace to leisurely enjoy the beauty of the island. 

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Discerning travelers return to Taiwan again and again to explore the distinctly different areas and activities. We will introduce you to some of the amazing high points of this little known island. 

With lots of bang for the buck and a new generation of budget Asian airlines as well as Taiwan's own EVA Air, it is now more affordable than ever. It's also incredibly safe and easy to visit and Westerners don't even need a visa. Please feast your eyes on the beauty of Taiwan and contact us to help you discover the amazingly beautiful hidden gem of Asia.

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